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Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Gemstone unique engagement ring
Gemstone unique engagement ring

You've found the perfect one, now it comes to the “YES” moment. It got to be right, it got to be perfect and it got to be special. It’s been long history of engagement ring. Originally, diamonds were not part of an engagement ring until late 1940s. In recent years, we've started to see a shift in engagement ring preferences. Of course, the diamond is still a popular option, but more and more brides are opting for gemstone engagement rings made out of unique materials.

When Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton, he chose a stunning blue sapphire engagement ring. Actress Blake Lively received a light pink oval diamond in a rose-gold setting from Ryan Reynolds and Katy Perry was given a unique ruby in a floral halo design by Orlando Bloom. Ariana Grande broke from tradition when she debuted a pearl and diamond bauble from fiancé Dalton Gomez in December 2020.

Let’s see what are the latest most popular searches gemstone for engagement ring in Millennial Trend

1. Emerald Engagement ring

Surprisingly, emerald engagement ring has been searched more than any other gemstone rings in this past 2 years. In Jan, 2022, Megan Fox was also given A two-stone emerald and diamond ring with magnetic gold bands by her fiancé, Machine Gun Kelly. There are many meanings of emerald engagement rings. Emerald engagement rings represent fidelity and true love. Providing the one you love with an emerald engagement ring shows intent for a happy and blessed marriage. The green hue of emerald represents new beginnings, whether that be in love or life.

2. Blue Sapphire engagement ring

Blue Sapphire has symbolized as the gemstone of royalty and trust. Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, received a sapphire engagement ring that once belonged to Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana. Sapphires are among the hardest natural non-diamond gems. They make excellent jewelry stones, especially for engagement rings. Sapphires are some of the most sought after and expensive gems in the world. A blue sapphire engagement ring is also believed to provide good fortune within marriage and to keep it strong and healthy. The beautiful symbolism and meaning behind sapphires are what makes them so special for engagement rings

3. Aquamarine engagement ring

As a symbol of marriage, an aquamarine ring reflects union, trust, tranquility, fidelity and harmony, as well as a latent intention to care for and protect the couple. The gemstone's distinct blue color—a light greenish-blue—is stunning enough on its own as well as in combination with white diamonds or other gemstones. Even celebs are falling for aquamarine engagement rings. Jessica Biel's six-carat stunner, for example, features a diamond center stone flanked by aquamarines.

4. Opal Engagement Ring

These opulent stones shimmer with a fiery rainbow Opal is said to represent faithfulness, confidence, and creativity, making an opal engagement ring perfect to symbolize a marriage that requires the faith of the couple, confidence in their relationship, and creativity to keep every day fresh and exciting. Of all the colored gems discussed here, opals require the most care. They have a low hardness of 5.5 to 6.5, which makes them very susceptible to scratching. They also have great sensitivity to sudden changes in temperature. ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Rebecca Robertson was engaged to fiancé John Reed with large oval-shaped opal gemstone engagement which is her birthstone and her favorite stone.

5. Morganite Engagement Ring

Morganite is a pink semiprecious stone in the beryl family. The hue can range from orange to coral to salmon to subtle pink, although you’ll notice light peachy pink is the most common. Morganite has become a popular choice for brides looking for an alternative to the traditional diamond. morganite is often associated with innocence, sweetness, romance and love. Vanderpump Rules' star, Scheana Shay and Brock Davies were engaged with 12.74-Carat Pink Morganite Ring

6. Amethyst Engagement Ring

Purple has long been associated with royalty because it was an expensive pigment to make before chemical dyes were invented. If you like the idea of a ring fit for a queen, an amethyst engagement ring is a great option. Amethyst is a type of quartz with a distinct purple hue ranging from light lilac to a rich, deep shade. Amethysts represent spirituality, royalty, and protection. During the Middle Ages, the stone adorned the outfits of the British royalty and clergy, who considered it one of the most precious gemstones along with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies.

7. Ruby Engagement Ring

Rubies are a traditional choice for an engagement ring stone. Rubies have a hardness of 9 on the Mohs’ scale, making them a hard, long-lasting gemstone. Desire, romance, wealth, success and passion are symbolized by Ruby engagement rings. It is believed a ruby engagement ring will nurture love and passion within a relationship and keep the marriage strong. Singer and actress Jessica Simpson became engaged to Eric Johnson in 2010. She received 5-carat ring that includes an oversized ruby in the center embellished by two diamonds on either side. The gold ring is special to the couple because the ruby is Jessica’s birthstone, and the ruby is the stone that symbolizes love. Also, Katy Perry was given a unique ruby in a floral halo design by Orlando Bloom.

8. White Sapphire Engagement Ring

Sapphires are a hard and scratch resistant mineral, so white sapphire engagement rings are very durable. White sapphires rank at a 9 on the Moh's Scale, giving it a top 3 spot for hardness. White sapphire Engagement Rings are so popular as diamond alternative ring. White Sapphire carries a pure energy for clarity, it’s believed to provides you with an open mind throughout your marriage. If you are looking to purchase a large center gem for a ring within a budget, a white sapphire might be the right choice for you. White sapphires are typically significantly more affordable than diamonds of comparable size and quality.

9. Alexandrite Engagement Ring

Alexandrite is a rare variety of chrysoberyl, well-known for the fact that it’s a pleochroic stone, which means that it appears as a different color depending on its setting. In daylight, alexandrite appears greenish-blue to dark yellow-green, but in incandescent or candlelight, it looks pink to red. If you want a distinctive engagement ring then Alexandrite may be the showstopper you need in your life. Alexandrite is the gemstone of luck, prosperity, and intellect. Alexandrite was discovered in 1834 in emerald mines near the Tokovaya River in the Urals. According to legend, it was discovered the same day Russian tsar Alexander II came of age, hence the name alexandrite. This regal history combined with the rarity of the stone makes it feel extra special and exclusive.

10. Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring

Pink sapphire engagement rings have grown in popularity. Not only are they beautiful and special, but they are also timeless romance and can also make an unique birthstone jewelry piece for bride with a September birthday. The vibrant color has become quite popular for engagement rings as many modern weddings trend towards blush and baby pink color schemes. Dancing With The Stars celeb and dance professional, Emma Slater, was proposed to in 2016 by her then boyfriend, Sasha Farber. Her engagement ring is a gorgeous 4 carat pink, dusky rose colored sapphire.


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