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What is sustainable and ethical jewelry?

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

The global jewelry industry is complex and highly fragmented, made up of a number of publicly traded corporations, thousands of small, privately held companies, and government entities. Sourcing of raw materials and the production of finished jewelry has significant effects on the economies of host countries. These activities are often located in some of the world’s most vulnerable societies.

The key issue in the jewelry industry is the complexity of the supply chain. Let’s see how one beautiful diamond ring is made.

Ethical Jewelry
Ethical Jewelry

First step – Obtain a diamond

When a diamond is mined, an estimated 250 tons of earth are shifted for every single carat. To put this into perspective, we mine around 148 million carats every single year. The mines are so massive that they can be seen from space. The first step to obtain a diamond is to start exploring the source of diamonds deposit. After identifying the source, there is a mining process to obtain the rough diamond stone. After rough diamond stones are available, one needs to sort the best clarity of a rough diamond to proceed to the next process which is to do the cutting. After the cutting process is completed, the diamond will be faceted but it’s not yet shine until it got polished. Woohoo !! Finally, we have now got a beautiful diamond for a ring. But that’s not it.

Next Step – Jewelry Making

We have not started making the jewelry as yet. Let’s follow me, to explore how the ring is made? Well, we got to first have metal to make a ring. Any kinds of metal is sourced from the earth, Oh’s mining again. Yes, it’s got to be mined to obtain the metal needed. Let’s assume that we need a gold ring this time. After exploring gold deposit and do gold mining, then we cast the ring with using the metal. After casting process completes, jeweler would file the metal to remove excess metal. We then got a ready gold ring which is ready to have the diamond to be set on the top. The jewelry then set the diamond and it’s now time to polish the ring to be shined on your finger.
What a long journey from mine to a customer like you. If you can think, how many workers are parts of all these processes. There’s a ton of processes from a social or environmental standpoint that can go wrong such as air pollution, water waste and pollution, ecosystem loss & damage, greenhouse gas emissions, dangerous materials, waste, child labor, dangerous chemical, conflict, etc.

So, now how could we help supporting both environmental and social concerns? What options do we have?

It now comes to the key - What is sustainable and ethical jewelry?

Sustainable and ethical jewelry is jewelry that made with the transparent and responsible sourcing practices in the jewelry supply chain and the use of sustainable materials to maintain and protect natural resource with a minimal impact on the environment, and is not involved with conflict, as well as gives back to workers by way of fair wages and safe working environments.

What shall we do then ?

“DO YOUR RESEARCH” and seek for sustainable brand and ethical jewelry to ensure that they are taking those supply chain environmental and social impact into consideration. What would be the brand to consider? It got to be a brand that are produced and traded in ways that avoid or lessen social, environmental, economic, cultural and/or political harm OR produce benefits to same on a local, regional, national or global scale.”

CHOOSE THE MOST SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS FOR YOUR RING by doing so, using ethical source gems, lab-grown diamond or gemstone. For that reason, lab-grown diamonds have stepped into the limelight. Nearly 70% of millennials report that they would buy a lab-grown alternative. The reason is that Lab-grown diamonds are produced using heat and pressure (much like their earth-based counterparts). However, instead of an aging planet, these diamonds are created using machines, either a High Pressure High Temperature system or a Chemical Vapor Deposition system.

unique engagement rings for women
unique engagement rings for women
Now, it’s your time for the right decision making of your special “I do” moment…

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